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Here's what has been happening lately in CliC. Let us know if you have things to share.

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CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop Report Available

- Contributed by Penny Wagner

The sea ice covers of the polar oceans are a critical element of the global system. With support from the Research Council of Norway, CliC, the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), 48 researchers from 13 countries, including 10 early career scientists, met from June 5-7, 2013 in Tromso, Norway to discuss the next steps in better integrating sea ice observations and modeling. The group included field experimentalists, remote sensing specialists, and sea ice and climate modelers. The workshop featured overview presentations on sea ice observations, models, remote sensing, and data archiving plus ample time for group discussions. Five 7-9 person teams consisting of scientists from a mixture of areas of expertise were assembled to develop a list of key gaps of knowledge within sea ice observations and models. Targeted activities that could close some of these gaps were proposed with separate short (6 months to a year), medium (1-2 years), and long (3 years or more) term goals.  A common theme from these projects was the need for standardization of sea ice observation data from the Arctic, developing and implementing a standardized, computerized ship-based ice observation protocols and creating an online center for summarizing ongoing field activities. The combination of ASPeCt and IceWatch efforts will help create an ongoing inventory of sea ice and sea ice related datasets for both Arctic and Antarctic. Download the report.


34th WCRP Joint Committee Meeting Report available

The Report of the 34th Session of WCRP Joint Scientific Committee, held in Brasília, Brazil, from 27-31 May 2013 is now available. To read the whole report click here

Read the CliC specifics:

Technical Committee on Integrating In-Situ Sea Ice Observations Established

- Contributed by Jenny Hutchings (OSU) and Stephen Ackley (UTSA)

Based on discussions at the CliC Sea Ice Observations and Modeling Workshop, a joint subgroup of SCAR/CliC Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt) and the CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group has been formed to work on updating sea ice observation technology from vessels and apply these technologies to vessels working in both the Arctic and Antarctic.  The group and its planned activities are summarized below.  We will be providing updates on the activities as they occur with a specific target of informing the general community at the IGS Sea Ice Conference in Hobart next March.  Any questions or input for this group's consideration are welcome, and can be addressed to any of the members. The following is the description of the committee:

Shipboard and on-ice sea ice observations are routinely collected during expeditions to ice covered seas. This data, if well managed, is of value to operational sea ice services, industry, researchers, and environmental planners. We recognize a need to share resources between groups working in all sea ice regions to support collection and archival of standardized, quality controlled data.

Our goals are to facilitate: 1) standardization of observational methods; 2) archival of data collected; 3) near-real time transference of data to users; and 4) rescue and integration of historical data collections.

These goals may be accomplished through the following objectives:
  a) development of a comprehensive Arctic/Antarctic observation system that can be adjusted to the local conditions;
  b) design of robust equipment and software to facilitate standardized and autonomous observations;
  c) development of novel observation methods, providing data follow WMO or accepted standards.
  d) exchange  technical information on hardware and software between institutes and nations to best leverage limited funding availability; and
  e)  provide expert development of technical and training material to broaden participation in sea ice watches with sufficient standardization and quality control.

Initial Membership:  Jenny Hutchings (OSU), Petra Heil (AAD), Blake Weissling (UTSA), Alice Orlich (UAF), Marcel Nicolaus (AWI) and Stephen Ackley (UTSA).  Other members are welcome to join, or may be asked to join, based on their interest and expertise in contributing to the objectives of the Technical Committee.

Congratulations to New AGU Fellows Perovich, Pomeroy and Rignot

The Climate and Cryosphere community would like to congratulate the chair of the CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group Donald K. Perovich (CRREL, USA) as elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2013, along with 2 other CliC-affiliated scientists, John Pomeroy and Eric Rignot. To be elected a Fellow is a special tribute for those who have made exceptional scientific contributions. Primary criteria for evaluation in scientific eminence are major breakthrough/discovery and paradigm shift. Perovich was elected for his fundamental work in sea ice optics and understanding of the ice-albedo feedback to climate in Arctic sea ice regions. John Pomeroy (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) is recognized for his outstanding contributions to understanding hydrometerology in cold regions. Eric Rignot (JPL & UC-Irvine) for his innovations in detecting change of the polar ice sheets, leading to the first continent-wide assessment of mass balance. The 2013 Class of Fellows will be recognized during the Honors Ceremony at the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting, held on 11 December in San Francisco, California, USA.
For more info on AGU Fellows go to: http://sites.agu.org/honors/fellows/

CliC's Ice and Climate Newsletter No. 18 Available

After the summer break, there is a lot of CliC news to report - enjoy this extra long addition!

- 8th Session of the Southern Ocean Panel Report Available
- ESA Request for CliC Antarctic Satellite Data Users
- New Website for Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA)
- New FrostBytes: Short Videos of Cryosphere Research from CliC and APECS
- AGU Session on Changes in the Arctic Freshwater System
- AGU Session Addressing the WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative
- AGU Session for Projects Working on International Climate Literacy
- Thematic Network on Permafrost Established
- Report of Future Earth Webinar 1
- CliC Seeks Comments for 2014 SCAR Open Science Conference Sessions
- Second Circular for Hobart Sea Ice Symposium Now Online
- Update on International Research Funding from the Belmont Forum
- CliC participation in Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Meeting
- Summary report on Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Available
- Norway Sea Ice Workshop Report Available
- Sea Ice Researcher Survey - Deadline Extended to 10 August
- PALSEA 2013 Workshop: Estimating Rates and Sources of Sea-level Change During Past Warm Periods
- WCRP Special Workshop on Climatic Effects of Ozone Depletion in the Southern Hemisphere Report Available
- Nature Article on Ice-sheet Mass Balance and Climate Change
- Permafrost Carbon Network May 2013 Meeting Report Available
- WCRP Data Advisory Council Meeting Report Available
… and lots of Cryosphere Community News and Upcoming CliC Events and news from around WCRP

Read the full newsletter at: http://www.climate-cryosphere.org/newsletter-18

8th Session of the Southern Ocean Panel Report Available

The Report from the 8th Session CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Panel (SOP), held in Hobart, Australia from 21st -22nd February 2013. WCRP Informal/Series Report No. 16/2013, ICPO Informal Report 190/13, is now available. The SOP meetings occur every 15 - 18 months, often scaffolded onto other relavent meetings the panel members would be attending. In this case the meeting was held in conjunction with a workshop on sea level rise. Attendees of the meeting included 9 members of the SOP and 13 other invited experts including representatives from modelling, palaeo, and early career scientists community. Discussions focussed on; the status of SOOS and the under ice observations workshop; the use of the C-SOBOM programme; Antarctica 2K working group activities; and a joint session with the working group on ocean model development (WGOMD).  Download the report here.

ESA Request for CliC Antarctic Satellite Data Users

The ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Program (http://www.esa-cci.org/) has asked for input from the CliC Community about which Antarctic satellite data products would be most valuable. They invite you, as a possible future user of these data products, to provide recommendations and feedback about what products you think it would be most useful for an Antarctic CCI project to focus on. To assess the user requirements for satellite based Antarctic ice sheet data products please complete the short on-line survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AntarcticaCCI, containing just 16 multiple choice questions which take only 10 minutes to complete. The survey will remain open until 16.09.2013.


New Website for Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA)

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) has redone the Snow, Water, Ice and Permaforst in the Arctic (SWIPA) website. SWIPA was coordinated by AMAP and produced in collaboration with International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), CliC and International Arctic Social Science Association (IASSA) to bring together the latest scientific knowledge about the changing state of each component of the Arctic ‘cryosphere’. SWIPA examines how these changes will impact both the Arctic as a whole and people living within the Arctic and elsewhere in the world and was released in 2011. On the new website you can find products and materials presenting the results of the SWIPA assessment like reports, videos, time-lapse movie clips and photographs. The materials posted on the site are freely-available for non-commercial use, including press/media use, and production of educational and outreach materials, etc. Visit the new face for SWIPA at: http://www.amap.no/swipa

New FrostBytes: Short Videos of Cryosphere Research from CliC and APECS

If you are looking for a few new interesting soundbytes of cool research happening in the cryosphere, we have just the thing for you. CliC has teamed up with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) to help enhance their FrostBytes project. FrostBytes are short (often 30-60 second) videos of researchers talking about their current projects and neat discoveries. Erik Warming, an APECS member and ice sheet graduate student, has been helping early career scientists who have attended recent CliC sponsored workshops to create a few new FrostBytes. Check them out:

FrostBytes from the CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop - June 2013:
Tarmo Kiik: Ice Studies in the Russian Empire in the 19th Century
Jennifer King: Sea Ice tracking from SAR in the Arctic
Matthew Shupe: Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties and Processes
Thomas Hollands: Satellite Observations of Polynias

FrostBytes from the Research Coordination Network (RCN) on Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon in Florida May - 2013:
Jorien Vonk: Permafrost carbon on its journey from land-to-ocean
Britta Sannel: Thermokarst lake dynamics in permafrost peatlands during recent decades