– MISMIP is part of the ISMASS initiative, which is sponsored by SCAR, IASC and CliC 

At the EGU Assembly in Vienna April 2014, the ISMASS group held a splinter meeting on marine ice sheet model intercomparison projects (MISMIP). The meeting was run by Frank Pattyn and Gael Durand and aimed to gauge the interest in the need for a follow-up of MISMIP3d. A large consensus in the audience was that improvements in the development of ice-sheet modeling in general and a better representation of outlet glacier dynamics in particular, should continue simultaneously to the CliC-WAGOM initiative. The notes from the meeting can be found on the ISMASS website. Additional information on the MISMIP can be found http://homepages.ulb.ac.be/~fpattyn/mismip+/

A second planning meeting is proposed to be held at the IGS Conference in Chamonix (25-30 May 2014).