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Frostbyte K Christianson: Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling: Surface Geophysics


For the Antarctic Ice Rises 2013 workshop 26-29th of August 2013, Tromsø, Norway Website:

2009-11 No. 13 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2009-11 No. 13 Ice and Climate News)
- WCRP Implementation Plan - CliC-ESA Collaboration - Key Events and Initiatives of CliC Interest - SWIPA Snow Cover - Improving Satellite-derived Snow-Cover Information during IPY - Russian IPY Cryosphere Activities - Observing the Nordic Seas during the IPY - VIP Visit to Arctic Sea Ice -...
2005-08 No. 6 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2005-08 No. 6 Ice and Climate News)
- Shrinking Glaciosphere - From the Project Office - Evolution of Climatic Snow and Equilibrium - Climate Changes in the Late Pleistocene - Worldwide Glacier Mass Balance Measurements - Contamination of Sea Ice and Related Albedo Estimates - Climatic Limits of Snow Storage Increase over Northern...
2008-08 No. 11 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2008-08 No. 11 Ice and Climate News)
- Antarctic Ice Shelves in a Changing Climate - Predicting the Fate of Ice Shelves - Monitoring Arctic Coastal Dynamics - Arctic River Runoff in the Context of Climate Change - The Greenland Climate Network (GCN) - Land-fast Ice Variation During the past Five Decades - Detecting and Separating...

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