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2012 Dec Arctic Freshwater Budget Initial Meeting


Wednesday 5 December 3.30-4.30 pm
Arctic community meeting room, SF Marriot Marquis
AGU Fall Meeting 2012

Arctic Freshwater Budget Meeting

Sponsored by CliC (Climate and Cryosphere Project) and IASC (International Arctic Science Committee).


Jenny Baeseman, Larry Hinzman, Volker Rachold, John Walsh, Terry Prowse, Arvid Bring, Johanna Mård Karlsson, Vladimir Ryabinin, Peter van Oevelen

The purpose of this informal meeting was to discuss various projects dealing with freshwater inputs into the Arctic Ocean, changes in freshwater ice cover and hydrology in the Arctic, and related initiatives. The goal was to find ways to better connect these efforts to improve observations and regional and global climate models.

(Media / 2012-Boundary-Layer-Workshop-Report)
The atmosphere-ocean boundary layer in which sea ice resides includes many complex processes that require a more realistic treatment in GCMs, particularly as models move toward full earth system descriptions. The primary purpose of the workshop was to define and discuss such coupled processes...
2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News)
- CliC Scientific Steering Group (comings and goings) - Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models - Global Prediction: Permafrost - Operational Sea-Ice Analysis and Forecasting at - Arctic Council Climate and Cryosphere Project - Seasonal Forecast of Antarctic Sea Ice - The Global...
1995-December: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1995-December: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. Introduction to ACSYS 2. Sea-Ice Modelling Workshop 3. SSG-IV Toronto, Canada 4. Arctic Run-off Database 5. Solid Precipitation Workshop

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