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2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News


- CliC Scientific Steering Group (comings and goings)
- Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models
- Global Prediction: Permafrost
- Operational Sea-Ice Analysis and Forecasting at
- Arctic Council Climate and Cryosphere Project
- Seasonal Forecast of Antarctic Sea Ice
- The Global Cryosphere Watch
- Towards a Community Arctic System Model
- Simulation of Glacier Mass and Energy Balance
- The 2nd Asia-CliC Symposium
- First Training WS on Permafrost Research Methods

Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet 1992-2008
(Media / Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet 1992-2008)
Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet 1992-2008 from ERS and ICESat: Gains exceed losses - Presented by Jay Zwally, NASA Goddard, USA
(Media / 2012-Boundary-Layer-Workshop-Report)
The atmosphere-ocean boundary layer in which sea ice resides includes many complex processes that require a more realistic treatment in GCMs, particularly as models move toward full earth system descriptions. The primary purpose of the workshop was to define and discuss such coupled processes...
1995-December: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1995-December: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. Introduction to ACSYS 2. Sea-Ice Modelling Workshop 3. SSG-IV Toronto, Canada 4. Arctic Run-off Database 5. Solid Precipitation Workshop

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