GRISO– A CliC sponsored workshop

A two day workshop will be held on December 12-13 in San Francisco, USA, to discuss the design and implementation of a Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Observing System (GrIOOS). The aim of GrIOOS is to provide long-term time series of critical in situ glaciological, oceanographic and atmospheric parameters at several key locations around Greenland. Observations will provide much needed information on the time-evolving relationships between the different climate forcings and glacier flow. GrIOOS was one of the key priorities identified at the 2013 US CLIVAR-sponsored International Workshop on Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Interactions (GRISO) organized and summarized in the workshop report.

Specific goals of the GrIOOS workshop are to discuss:

  • the motivation for specific measurements;
  • integration with existing related long-term measurements around Greenland;
  • identification of key sites;
  • identification of instrumentation.
  • A workshop report will be drafted after the workshop and circulated for community input.

The workshop will be limited to ~35 participants. Expressions of interest to attend are solicited from the international community at this time (one page maximum). These should be sent to by August 23, 2015 and state clearly the proposed contribution to the workshop. Expressions of interest from groups representing a particular discipline, technique, or field site are strongly encouraged. The Workshop Steering Committee (see below) will select participants to represent the glaciological, oceanographic, climate, and instrumentation engineering research communities, with special attention to including early-career investigators, women, and underrepresented minorities. Attendees will be notified in September 2015.

The workshop is sponsored in part by SEARCH (Study of Environmental Arctic Change), CliC (Climate & Cryosphere), and GRISO (Greenland Ice Ocean Observing Network), as well as potentially other groups. Participants will be expected to cover their own travel to San Francisco (the workshop precedes the AGU Fall Meeting) but some funding will be available for the extra accommodation and meal costs.

Steering Committee:
Jakob Abermann (Asiaq, Greenland); Andreas Peter Ahlstrøm (GEUS, DK); Gordon Hamilton (U Maine, USA); Patrick Heimbach (UT Austin & MIT, USA); Ruth Mottram (DMI, DK); Sophie Nowicki (NASA Goddard, USA); Ted Scambos (NSIDC, USA); Fiamma Straneo (WHOI, USA); David Sutherland (U Oregon, USA); Martin Truffer (U Alaska, USA)