Past Meeting(s)

ESM-SnowMIP workshop in San Francisco, Dec 10, 2016 (prior to AGU)

We are currently at the final stage of preparing site-scale simulations for selected representative northern hemisphere sites with long (multi-annual) observation time series. We hope to provide you with a detailed protocol and links to download the forcing data during the next few weeks.

An ESM-SnowMIP workshop was held in Fort Mason, San Francisco, on Dec 10, 2016 (Saturday prior to AGU). Topics of the workshop were:

  • Presentation and discussion of first preliminary site simulation results
  • Analysis strategies for site and global-scale simulations, identification of leaders of these analyses
  • Planning of global-scale offline and coupled ESM simulations
  • Links to CMIP6 sub-projects: LS3MIP (land-surface, snow and soil humidity) and ISMIP6 (ice sheet modeling)

We hope that all modeling groups and snow observation specialists contributing to ESM-SnowMIP will be able to participate in the workshop.

The agenda for the 2016 meeting is available here.

The list of action items emanating from the 2016 meeting is available here.

Land Modelling (LandMIP) Workshop
26-28 October, 2015. Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland