Climate and Cryosphere Spring Webinar Series 2024

CliC will be hosting a series of webinars this spring, Wednesdays at 9:00am EST. Each week, a special guest speaker will present on a topic of their choice related to the cryosphere. Find more details and the full schedule below.

Next week’s webinar…

Nicholas D. Holschuh on “The Competition Between Interior Thinning and Marginal Retreat at Thwaites Glacier”

📅 Wednesday, March 6th at 9am EST

Nicholas D. Holschuh’s research examines the physical processes that govern glacier change from the equator to the poles. Glaciers in the mid-latitudes are the capacitors of the hydrologic system, accumulating snow in the wet season and discharging it in the dry season, providing critical water resources to water-stressed communities in Asia and South America. Ice Sheets at the poles buffer global sea-level, and future rapid ice loss from the ice sheets represents the largest source of uncertainty in coastal hazards over the next century. Independent of the unknowns regarding future emissions and climate sensitivity, there are huge gaps in our understanding of how and why glaciers behave the way they do. Nicholas uses geophysical observations to characterize the modern state, the integrated history, and the likely future behavior of glaciers around the world. 

Full Webinar Schedule

Interested in filling in one of our empty webinar slots or participating in a future series? Contact for more info.

Date Guest SpeakerTopicZoom
9am EST
Lonnie Thompson (Ohio State University)Tropical Glacier Stories and Societal Impacts of Our Rapidly Changing ClimateWatch the recording
9am EST
Robert DeConto (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)Prime for retreat: Unprecedented Vulnerability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
9am EST
Nicholas Holschuh (Amherst College)The competition between interior thinning and marginal retreat at Thwaites GlacierJOIN
9am EST
Sophie Nowicki (University of Buffalo)TBD
9am EST
Thamban Meloth (National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research)Melting glaciers and its impact on hydrology and hazards in the Himalayas
9am EST
9am EST
Marilyn Raphael (University of California, Los Angeles)TBD
9am EST
Laura Larocca (Arizona State University)TBD