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If you are looking for interesting soundbytes of cool research happening in the cryosphere, this is the category for you to search. CliC has teamed up with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) to help enhance their FrostBytes project. FrostBytes are short (often 30-60 second) videos of researchers talking about their current projects and neat discoveries. Erik Warming, an APECS member and ice sheet graduate student, has been helping early career scientists who have attended recent CliC sponsored workshops to create some new FrostBytes.

For more infomation about the Frostbytes

Frostbyte F Bouchard: Future avenues for permafrost science from the perspective of early career researchers
Frostbyte G Tanski: Permafrost carbon degradation at the land-ocean-interface
FrostByte X Fettweis: Modeling of the Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance with the regional MAR model
FrostByte R Hock: Worldwide glacier wastage - Implications for sea level and streamflow
FrostByte J Jones: Understanding the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies
FrostByte P Wyszynski: Variability of the Russian Arctic and Subarctic Climate in the last three hundred years
FrostByte C Treat: Detecting permafrost aggradation in peatland ecosystems to understand the effects on climate
FrostByte J Strauss: Organic carbon stocks in ice-rich permafrost of the Yedoma region
FrostByte K Saito: Permafrost sub-system in the Earth’s eco-climate system
Frostbyte ICARP III - Arctic Snow Cover Changes and their Consequences
FrostByte ICARP III - Where are they now?
FrostByte R Hall: Sea Ice and the north Atlantic jetstream
FrostByte ICARP III - Circumpolar Arctic Coastal Communities Observatory Network - CACCON
FrostByte I Goodwin: Reconstructing Marine Winds, Ocean Wave Climate and Sea Level
FrostByte C de Lavergne: Open-ocean convection in the Weddell Sea
FrostByte A Morrison: Will there be another Weddell Polynya?
Frostbyte ICARP III - Permafrost Young Researchers Workshop
FrostByte R Wilson: The Southern Blues: Enhancing the dendro archive for climate reconstruction in the Southern Hemisphere
FrostByte B Stenni: Water stable isotope records from Antarctic ice cores: the past 2000 years
FrostByte K Clem: ENSO vs. PDO relationships with recent Southern Ocean circulation changes
FrostByte T Pavlova: Cryosphere in CMIP5 simulations: an assessment of current state and projected changes over the 21st century
FrostByte J Feldmann: Investigating ice-sheet stability
FrostByte J Ahlkrona: Computer simulations of Ice Sheet Flow
FrostByte I Vankova: Calving and Fjord Dynamics
Frostbyte S Natali: Permafrost, carbon and climate change
FrostByte Z Li: Open the door to travel in polar areas
Frostbyte C Ke: Remote sensing of snow and ice
Frostbyte T Vihma: Effects of Arctic climate change on mid latitudes
Frostbyte A Aschwanden: The Parallel Ice Sheet Model
Frostbyte R Hall: Drivers of North Atlantic Jet Stream Variability, 1870-2014
FrostByte, E Hanna: The Jet Stream and Greenland Warming
Frostbyte G Durand: Marine ice sheet instability and Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise
Frostbyte H. Goezler: Projecting the future of future ice sheet projections
Frostbyte M Vizcaino: Interactive ice sheets in global climate models
FrostByte B de Fleurian: Subgracial hydrology modeling for ice dynamic purpose
Frostbyte D Olefeldt: Mapping thermocast pre-disposition at the pan-arctic scale
FrostByte J Ely: Flowstripes and Longitudinal Foliations of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Frostbyte I. Vankova: Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Calving
FrostByte V Emetc: Antarctic Mass Balance: Integration of modeling and observation
Frostbyte L. B. Marchesini: Assessment of the Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance of a NE Siberian tundra
FrostByte G Seyerl: Dynamics of land based Ice Sheets
Frostbyte B Radosavljevic: Coastal Change, Sediment and Carbon Dynamics of the Arctic Shoreface
Frostbyte E Jantze: Carbon transport in sub-arctic streams
FrostByte L Lescarmontier: Antarctica mass balance: from the satellite to the field
FrostByte A Bevington: Moving towards a physical model of permafrost distribution for the Yukon
Frostbyte D Draebing: The Influence of Snow Cover on on thermal and mechanical processes in steep permafrost rockwalls
Frostbyte M Peter: Modeling of Permafrost Temperatures in the Lena River Delta, Siberia, based on remote sensing products
FrostByte N Weiss: Indicators for potential decomposability of permafrost SOM
FrostByte A Rudy: Permafrost disturbance susceptibility mapping the the Canadian High Arctic
FrostByte E Kuznetsova: Opaline silica as a weathering product in the cold climate
Frostbyte I Hartmeyer: Mountain Permafrost and Rockfall Occurrence in a Warming Climate
FrostByte S Muster: Decomposing Arctic Land Cover
Frostbyte M Paquette: The geomorphic relation between water tracks and patterned ground on a High Arctic slope
Frostbyte G Tanski: Coastal erosion and the release of permafrost carbon
Frostbyte M. Vasile: Marginal permafrost conditions and ground thermal regime in the Southern Carpathians
FrostByte P Regmi: Remote Sensing of Thermokarst Lakes and Their Impact on High Latitude Carbon Cycle
FrostByte M Elizaveta: Monitoring of hazardous geocryological processes and events along the pipeline of Eastern Siberia
Frostbyte J Wolter: Shrubs in polygonal lowlands of the NW Canadian Arctic
FrostByte A Matveev: High efflux rates of greenhouse gases from thermokarst lakes in transition.
FrostByte J Stanilovskaya: Ice wedge hazard assessment for infrastructure
FrostByte S Harder: Interpreting carbon fluxes in a transient permafrost peatland: Scaling from plant functional type to whole
Frostbyte R Mondav: Microbial dynamics in a thawing world
FrostByte R Way: The Labrador Permafrost Project
FrostByte A Demidova: The spatial analysis of Ice Complex distribution regions
Frostbyte M Demitroff: Observations on Ventifacts and Wind-Polished Boulders in Pleistocene Coversands, Ice-Marginal New Jersey
FrostByte P Bonnaventure: Spatial modelling of climate china he effects on treeline and tundra positions in the Yukon
Frostbyte G Kraev: Human Impact on Carbon Emissions in Tundra: Adaptation and Reduction (case study)
Frostbyte A Malhotra: Changes in the controls of carbon fluxes in a thawing permafrost peatland
FrostByte M Lebedeva: Modelling hydrology in cold regions
Frostbyte K Davies: A bugs life: how insects can help us reconstruct past lake environments
FrostByte S Stettner: Morphometric analysis of thermo-erosional valleys in the Lena Delta, Siberia
Frostbyte M Ewertowski:Past Periglacial Features in Wielkopolska, Poland
Frostbyte S Chadburn: Global permafrost modelling with JULES
Frostbyte M Helbig: Impacts of permafrost degradation on greenhouse gas fluxes in northwestern Canada
FrostByte P Gorbachev: Pile-Frost Heaving Soil Interaction Taking into Account Temperature Dependence of Contact Parameters
FrostByte I Szuman: Subglacial permafrost in central west Poland - critical evaluation
Frostbyte P Marklund: Depth and ice content estimation of permafrost in palsas and peat plateaus with the use of electrical resistivity tomography
FrostByte O Ostanin: Rock glaciers of the Russian Altai Mountain
Frostbyte D Kitover: Simulating Permafrost Distribution & Thickness during the LGM
Frostbyte J Lenz: Palaeoecological implications from an 11,500 years old thermokarst lake in Northwest Canada (Herschel Island, Yukon)
Frostbyte K Gisnas: Downscaling of snow distribution for permafrost modelling
FrostByte G Dyakova: Cataloging of Rock Glaciers in Chuya River Basin (Russian Altai)
Frostbyte G Gilbert: Sedimentology and permafrost development in Holoocene deposits (Adventdalen, Svalbard)
Frostbyte B Widhalm: Remote Sensing of thaw lake dynamics
Frostbyte A Molina: Deception Island (Antarctica) as Earth-Mars geomorphological analog
Frostbyte J Eichel: Interactions between solifluction and vegetation on lateral moraines in the Turtmann glacier forefield (Swit
Frostbyte A Onaca: Permafrost distribution and characteristics in Southern Carpathians, Romania
FrostByte E Hogstrom: Validation of remotely sensed soil moisture for permafrost studies in the arctic
FrostByte S Härtel: Geomorphological mapping in NE-Greenland
FrostByte S Weege: Climatic Impacts on Thawing Dynamics of a Retrogressive Thaw Slump
FrostByte Y Sjoberg: Groundwater and permafrost interactions
FrostByte S Höfle: how stable is organic matter in the active layer of permafrost soil? A case study in the Siberian Arctic
Frostbyte R Paranunzio: Effects of climate forcing on slope stability in glacial and periglacial areas
Frostbyte K Veronika: Mathematical Morphology of Landscape and Remote Sensing for Studying Thermokarst Processes and Risk Assessment
Frostbyte A Maslakov: Study of coastal erosion within the communities of Chunkchi peninsula
FrostByte X Zhou: Simultaneous measurement of unfrozen water content and ice content in frozen soil
FrostByte W Cable: High Resolution Temperature Dynamics from a Polygonal Landscape
FrostByte R Saydasheva: Active layer dynamics in Eastern Chukotka
FrostByte F Magnin: Estimation of the pemrafrost distribution in the rock walls of the Mont Blanc massif - Western Alps - France
Frostbyte M Ulrich: Investigating the history and the future of thermokarst in Central Yakutia