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Items related to the Permafrost Young researcher’s workshop at EUCOP

18-21 June 2014, Évora, Portugal

Permafrost Young Researchers Workshop (PYRW) 2014 - report
Frostbyte L. B. Marchesini: Assessment of the Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance of a NE Siberian tundra
Frostbyte B Radosavljevic: Coastal Change, Sediment and Carbon Dynamics of the Arctic Shoreface
Frostbyte E Jantze: Carbon transport in sub-arctic streams
FrostByte A Bevington: Moving towards a physical model of permafrost distribution for the Yukon
Frostbyte D Draebing: The Influence of Snow Cover on on thermal and mechanical processes in steep permafrost rockwalls
Frostbyte M Peter: Modeling of Permafrost Temperatures in the Lena River Delta, Siberia, based on remote sensing products
FrostByte N Weiss: Indicators for potential decomposability of permafrost SOM
FrostByte A Rudy: Permafrost disturbance susceptibility mapping the the Canadian High Arctic
FrostByte E Kuznetsova: Opaline silica as a weathering product in the cold climate
Frostbyte I Hartmeyer: Mountain Permafrost and Rockfall Occurrence in a Warming Climate
FrostByte S Muster: Decomposing Arctic Land Cover
Frostbyte M Paquette: The geomorphic relation between water tracks and patterned ground on a High Arctic slope
Frostbyte G Tanski: Coastal erosion and the release of permafrost carbon
Frostbyte M. Vasile: Marginal permafrost conditions and ground thermal regime in the Southern Carpathians
FrostByte P Regmi: Remote Sensing of Thermokarst Lakes and Their Impact on High Latitude Carbon Cycle
FrostByte M Elizaveta: Monitoring of hazardous geocryological processes and events along the pipeline of Eastern Siberia
Frostbyte J Wolter: Shrubs in polygonal lowlands of the NW Canadian Arctic
FrostByte A Matveev: High efflux rates of greenhouse gases from thermokarst lakes in transition.
FrostByte J Stanilovskaya: Ice wedge hazard assessment for infrastructure
FrostByte S Harder: Interpreting carbon fluxes in a transient permafrost peatland: Scaling from plant functional type to whole
Frostbyte R Mondav: Microbial dynamics in a thawing world
FrostByte R Way: The Labrador Permafrost Project
FrostByte A Demidova: The spatial analysis of Ice Complex distribution regions
Frostbyte M Demitroff: Observations on Ventifacts and Wind-Polished Boulders in Pleistocene Coversands, Ice-Marginal New Jersey
FrostByte P Bonnaventure: Spatial modelling of climate china he effects on treeline and tundra positions in the Yukon
Frostbyte G Kraev: Human Impact on Carbon Emissions in Tundra: Adaptation and Reduction (case study)
Frostbyte A Malhotra: Changes in the controls of carbon fluxes in a thawing permafrost peatland
FrostByte M Lebedeva: Modelling hydrology in cold regions
Frostbyte K Davies: A bugs life: how insects can help us reconstruct past lake environments
FrostByte S Stettner: Morphometric analysis of thermo-erosional valleys in the Lena Delta, Siberia
Frostbyte M Ewertowski:Past Periglacial Features in Wielkopolska, Poland
Frostbyte S Chadburn: Global permafrost modelling with JULES
Frostbyte M Helbig: Impacts of permafrost degradation on greenhouse gas fluxes in northwestern Canada
FrostByte P Gorbachev: Pile-Frost Heaving Soil Interaction Taking into Account Temperature Dependence of Contact Parameters
FrostByte I Szuman: Subglacial permafrost in central west Poland - critical evaluation
Frostbyte P Marklund: Depth and ice content estimation of permafrost in palsas and peat plateaus with the use of electrical resistivity tomography
FrostByte O Ostanin: Rock glaciers of the Russian Altai Mountain
Frostbyte D Kitover: Simulating Permafrost Distribution & Thickness during the LGM
Frostbyte J Lenz: Palaeoecological implications from an 11,500 years old thermokarst lake in Northwest Canada (Herschel Island, Yukon)
Frostbyte K Gisnas: Downscaling of snow distribution for permafrost modelling
FrostByte G Dyakova: Cataloging of Rock Glaciers in Chuya River Basin (Russian Altai)
Frostbyte G Gilbert: Sedimentology and permafrost development in Holoocene deposits (Adventdalen, Svalbard)
Frostbyte B Widhalm: Remote Sensing of thaw lake dynamics
Frostbyte A Molina: Deception Island (Antarctica) as Earth-Mars geomorphological analog
Frostbyte J Eichel: Interactions between solifluction and vegetation on lateral moraines in the Turtmann glacier forefield (Swit
Frostbyte A Onaca: Permafrost distribution and characteristics in Southern Carpathians, Romania
FrostByte E Hogstrom: Validation of remotely sensed soil moisture for permafrost studies in the arctic
FrostByte S Härtel: Geomorphological mapping in NE-Greenland
FrostByte S Weege: Climatic Impacts on Thawing Dynamics of a Retrogressive Thaw Slump
FrostByte Y Sjoberg: Groundwater and permafrost interactions
FrostByte S Höfle: how stable is organic matter in the active layer of permafrost soil? A case study in the Siberian Arctic
Frostbyte R Paranunzio: Effects of climate forcing on slope stability in glacial and periglacial areas
Frostbyte K Veronika: Mathematical Morphology of Landscape and Remote Sensing for Studying Thermokarst Processes and Risk Assessment
Frostbyte A Maslakov: Study of coastal erosion within the communities of Chunkchi peninsula
FrostByte X Zhou: Simultaneous measurement of unfrozen water content and ice content in frozen soil
FrostByte W Cable: High Resolution Temperature Dynamics from a Polygonal Landscape
FrostByte R Saydasheva: Active layer dynamics in Eastern Chukotka
FrostByte F Magnin: Estimation of the pemrafrost distribution in the rock walls of the Mont Blanc massif - Western Alps - France
Frostbyte M Ulrich: Investigating the history and the future of thermokarst in Central Yakutia
Frostbyte K Higgins: Small-scale influence of vegetation on thaw depth in a peatland landscape
Frostbyte F Hrbacek: Thermal regime of permafrost active layer on James Ross Island, Maritime Antarctica
FrostByte E Liu: Tephra stratigraphy of lake sediments from Byers Peninsula, Antarctica: insights from volcanology
Frostbyte A Haberkorn: The influence of the snow cover in steep rock walls
Frostbyte F Bouchard: Drying tundra lakes in two of Canada's largest lake-rich permafrost landscapes
FrostByte M Siewert: High resolution mapping of soil organic matter in the Arctic
FrostByte F Andrushenko: Permafrost-ecological & engineering conditions of Northern Enisey region
FrostByte B Deshpande: Oxygen dynamics in thermokarst thaw ponds
FrostByte G Oblog: Permafrost evolution in Western Yamal region during Late Quaternary Period inferred from the analysis of ground ice composition
FrostByte Z Wen: Applicability of a frozen soil matric potential sensor for moisture migration research
FrostByte A Bobrik: Carbon fluxes of soils in discontinuous permafrost zone of Western Siberia
Frostbyte L Périer: Thermal regime around culvert built on permafrost
Frostbyte J Frederick: What is Relict Submarine Permafrost?
FrostByte E Byun: CH4 and CO2 emission from permafrost region
FrostByte S Dumais: High albedo surfaces for thermal stabilization of paved infrastructures