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Arctic CORDEX modeling groups


Participating Institute Model Name Contact Person

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute/
Rossby Centre; Norrköping, Sweden 


Torben Koenigk

 CCCma Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis;
Victoria, Canada
CanRCM4 John Scinocca
 AWI Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar
and Marine Research; Potsdam, Germany
Annette Rinke
CU University of Colorado/CIRES; Boulder, USA WRF, RASM John Cassano
ISU Iowa State University; Ames, USA WRF Justin Glisan, Bill Gutowski
DMI Danish Meteorological Institute; Copenhagen,
Ruth Mottram
EMUT University of Trier; Trier, Germany CCLM Günther Heinemann
MGO Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory;
St. Petersburg, Russia
RRCM Igor Shkolnik
UNI Uni Climate; Bergen, Norway WRF,
Stefan Sobolowski
ULg University of Liège; Liège, Belgium MAR Xavier Fettweis
UQAM Université du Québec; Montréal, Canada CRCM5 Katja Winger, Rene Laprise
GERICS Climate Service Center Germany;
Hamburg, Germany
Nikolay Koldunov
LU Lund University; Lund, Sweden RCA4-GUESS,
Wenxin Zhang, Benjamin Smith
met.no The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo,Norway   COSMO, HARMONIE Oskar Landgren
NOAA-ESRL/University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA CAFS Amy Solomon
Met Office, Cambridge, UK Unified model Andrew Orr 
JMA/MRI, Japan JMA/NHM-SMAP Masashi Niwano
University of Tokyo, Japan NICAM, NICOCO Hiroyasu Kubokawa

Members who actively particpate in the analysis, but not with model simulations:
Michael Tjernström, Department of Meteorogology (MISU), Stockholm University, Stockholm
Marzena Osuch, Institute of Geophysic, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warzaw

Arctic CORDEX domains
EMUT Arctic CORDEX domain
UQAM Arctic CORDEX domain

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Hindcast Arctic CORDEX simulations

ArcticCORDEX HindcastSimulations AtmOnly Oct2019.jpg

 ArcticCORDEX HindcastSimulations AtmOcean Oct2019



Historical Arctic CORDEX simulations

Simulations for 1950-2005 driven by CMIP5 GCMs are conducted in association with the Scenario simulations 2006-2100(see for details therein)

Scenario Arctic CORDEX simulations

 ArcticCORDEX FutureProjectionSimulations Oct2019


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