The CliC Strategy Plan 2022-2031 is now available.

CliC is broadening its mission to include research that is co-designed and executed with relevant stakeholder groups, while continuing to support research that advances an understanding of processes within the cryosphere components of the climate system.

In doing this, CliC will promote research to determine what a ‘safer cryosphere’ may look like in a ‘safe landing climate’ and how it may continue to provide the same services to society as it has done in the past – including drinking water from glaciers, transport routes over sea ice, solid building ground on permafrost, snow for leisure activities and grazing reindeer herds, and a relatively stable sea level that would arise from more stable ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland.

In this regard, CliC’s new strategic plan aligns with the vision of the WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2028 (WCRP JSC, 2019) aimed at “using sound, relevant, and timely climate science to ensure a more resilient present and sustainable future for humankind”, and directly addresses its fourth Scientific Objective of “bridging climate science and society.