The 2015 ISMASS Steering Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August, 5:30-7:30 PM, in conjunction with the IGS Symposium on Contemporary Ice-sheet Dynamics: ocean interaction, meltwater, & non-linear effects at Churchill College, Cambridge, United Kingdom from 16th – 21st August 2015.


1) Reviewing the activities/workshops held since the 2014 Steering Committee Meeting

2) Future Activities

  •   Workshops already planned
  •   XXXIV SCAR Biennal Conference in 2016 in Malaysia with possibly a session Antarctica from Past 2 future (joined with SERCE, PAIS and AntClim21)
  •   Paper(s) – Ed Hanna suggested to revisit ISMASS Nature review paper.
  •   Others

3) Define a better long term Action Plan

4) Activities for young scientists and welcome to Ellyn Enderlin from the USA, new early carreer researcher member for the next few years.