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AGU 2019 Session - C018 - How Does Sea Ice Affect and Respond to Change in the Arctic and Antarctic Coupled Climate Systems?
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09.12.2019 - 13.12.2019

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Abstract: Recent changes in Arctic and Antarctic sea ice affect the air-sea exchange of momentum, heat, light, freshwater, and gas, notably in the boundary layers above and below the ice but also between the ice pack and adjacent open water and terrestrial regimes. Similarly, recent large-scale changes in ice pack morphology allow for enhanced surface waves and potential changes in migration patterns. In this session, we focus on how these changes in the sea ice regime are responding to and affecting other components of polar earth systems, e.g., in the atmosphere, ocean, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, permafrost and hydrology, terrestrial glaciology, and also lower-latitude regimes. We solicit papers on observational, theoretical and numerical investigations that connect sea ice change in the Arctic and Southern Oceans to at least one other component of the earth system. This session will feature 5-minute discussion periods after talks to facilitate dialog on overlapping issues.