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School Content Design Group

- responsible for agenda, setting  student requirements and arranging speakers 

  • Jonathan Day, Lead - PPP, PPP liaison with APECS, University of Reading, UK 
  • Gunilla Svensson - PCPI, PPP, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Helge Gossling - Alfred Wegner Institute, PPP International Coordination Office, Germany  
  • Jennifer Kay - PCPI, University of Colorado, USA
  • Rodrigo Caballero - Stockholm University
  • Matt O'Regan - Stockholm University

Sponsor's Representatives

- responsible for high level support of the school and managing the organization and implementation 

  • WWRP/PPP - Thomas Jung, PPP Chair
  • WCRP/PCPI - Cecilia Bitz and/or Ted Shepherd, PCPI Co-chairs
  • Bolin Centre for Climate Research - Leonard Barrie,  Director for Research

Organization/Implementation Group 

- responsible for arranging the venue, distributing announcements, managing registration, maintaining the website for the school, managing financial support for invited speakers and participants from developing countries, etc.

  • Jenny Baeseman, Lead, WCRP-CliC Contact
  • Jonny Day, Content Group Lead
  • Leonard Barrie, Bolin Centre Lead
  • Bjørn Gunnarson, Borlin Centre School Coordinator, Local Logistics
  • Helge Goßling, PPP International Coordination Office Contact


Supporting Organizations/Projects

  • WCRP/CliC