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Lecturers and Mentors

Ian Brooks (University of Leeds)- Polar Atmospheric processes
Peter Bauer (European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts) - Operational Atmospheric Prediction
Gunilla Svennson (University of Stockholm) - Polar Boundary Layer Processes
Helge Gossling (Alfred Wegener Institute) - Polar Predictability
Thomas Jung (Alfred Wegener Institute) - Polar Ensemble Prediction
Cecillia Bitz (University of Washington) - High latitude climate
Don Perovich (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory) - Sea ice processes
Erik Kolstad (University of Bergen) - Polar Lows
Jen Kay (Colorado University) - Polar Climate Change and Variability
James Screen (University of Exeter) - Polar-mid-latitude linkages
Jonny Day (University of Reading) - Seasonal-to-decadal climate variability and predictability
Matthew Chevallier (Meteo France) - Operational Ocean Prediction

If you have additional ideas or suggestions, please contact Jonny Day.