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CliCSSG15 2019

The 15th Session of the CliC Scientific Steering Group will be held from December 14 to 15, 2019, in San Francisco, USA, in conjunction with the AGU Fall Meeting and the 40th Anniversary of WCRP.

The meeting will be held at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf hotel, 555 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States.


Saturday, December 14, 2019

All Day Session



Opening and Welcome by CliC Co-Chairs and WCRP representative
Round of Introductions
Presentation of the agenda for the SSG meeting

Current WCRP context

Overview from the WCRP representative and Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) including presentation of the new WCRP new Implementation Plan (IP) and the role of CliC and the Melting Ice Grand Challenge

Status of CliC

Brief overview of CliC and the International Project Office (IPO) (for new SSG members)

Review of current CliC and Melting Ice GC activities – 10 min each (2h30)
-Progress made
-Next steps
-Planned end date - if none, detailed 5-year plan
-Future support needed from CliC

            -ISMIP6 (Helene Seroussi)
            -ESM-SnowMIP (Gerhard Krinner/Chris Derksen remotely)
            -SIMIP (Dirk Notz remotely)
            -MISOMIP (Helene Seroussi)
            -GlacierMIP (Ben Marzeion remotely)
            -PCN (Christina Schaedel tbc)
            -BEPSII (Martin Vancoppenolle remotely tbc)
            -ASIWG (Don Perovich remotely)
            -ASpeCt (Marilyn Raphael)
            -PCPI (Marilyn Raphael)
            -Polar CORDEX (Ruth Mottram remotely)
            -SORP (Elisabeth Sikes tbc)
            -NORP (Ruth Mottram remotely)
            -ISMASS (Ed Hanna)

Current international situation

IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC) - Shichang Kang, Rob De Conto, Ted Schuur (tbc) – lead authors present at the meeting


Introduction – The future of the CliC Office

Interactions with other agencies

Review of past and ongoing joint activities

Presentations from other organizations:
- Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) / Adaptation Actions For A Changing Arctic (AACA)  – Jason Box (tbc)
- Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) - Brendan Kelly
- WCRP CLIVAR-Climate and Ocean-Variability, Predictability, and Change (Wenju Cai tbc)
- US CLIVAR (Mike Patterson)
- Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC)
- International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
- Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
- Year Of Polar Prediction (YOPP)
- Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW)

Brainstorming for new joint activities

19:00 Group Dinner
No-host Group dinner at The Pub, 51 BEACH (between Polk & Larkin) at Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco. There will be a pre-set menu.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

All Day Session


Future of CliC

Revisiting the future of CliC in light of the WCRP New Strategy / IP and the priorities identified in the IPCC SROCC

Review of CliC Action plan

What are the near-term and long-term goals of CliC and how to reach them?
Can the current CliC structure and activities continue as is?
With soon ending activities, what is the next phase of CliC?
How will CliC operate with a new host?
How to engage new SSG members?


SSG Closed Session - CliC SSG, IPO, and WCRP JPS Only

Review of ending CliC Activities
Endorsement of new Activities
Budget discussion and decisions
New SSG membership, new co-chair
Future of CliC office
Meeting wrap-up

Online Meeting Participation Information

For online participation for the CliC 15th Scientific Steering Group Meeting, we use the GoToMeeting Platform (www.gotomeeting.com).

If you have not used this system before, we suggest logging on ~15 minutes before the start of the first day - a small plugin will need to be downloaded from the web and installed on your computer the first time you use it (after that you should not need to reinstall the plug in). You have the ability to test your audio to make sure we can hear you, etc. There is a chat box that you can use to ask questions, chat to other online participants, etc. You will be able to hear the presenter and see the slides - and we are hoping to have video of the presenter as well (that part will depend on the bandwidth of participants, etc).

If you would like to ask a question or provide a comment during the meeting, please us the chat box to alert the online moderator that you would like to speak so we can get that attention of the presenter. We will then give you the floor to ask your question to the room. Please be sure to mute your line (by clicking the microphone icon) when you are not speaking to reduce background noise.

If you are a presenter, we will give you the ability to share your computer screen. This means that you can give the presentation from your own computer and use whatever platform you normally do (ie PC, Mac, Keynote, PowerPoint, etc*).

If you have participated in an online meeting before, you know that there can sometimes be technical glitches and challenges to overcome. We will do our best to make sure everything goes smoothly.

*Please note that a PC or Mac is required (Android or Apple mobile devices can also be used). Unfortunately gotomeeting does not work with LINUX based machines. More information about system requirements can be found here: http://support.citrixonline.com/GoToMeeting/all_files/GTM010003

To join the meeting, simply click on the link corresponding to the day and follow the instructions. If for some reason you cannot use your computer / microphone, you can find the phone numbers for your country below.

Information coming soon



Tentative List of Participants as of October 2019

Name Affiliation, Country
 Box, Jason  [CliC SSG member (new)]
 Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland,  Denmark
 Bradley, Raymond   University of Massachussets, USA
 Cai, Wenju     (Dec 14)        [CLIVAR Co-Chair]
 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
 Cleugh, Helen  (tbc)  [WCRP JSC Vice-Chair]
 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
 De Conto, Rob  University of Massachussets, USA
 Delgado, Roberto  Arctic Observing Network, National SCience Foundation, USA
 Hamon, Gwen   [CliC IPO]
 World Meteorological Organization
 Hanna, Edward   University of Lincoln, UK
 Hudson, Stephen  [CliC SSG Member (outgoing)]
 Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
 Kang, Shichang  [CliC SSG Member (outgoing)]
 Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS, China
 Kelly, Brendan (Dec 14)  Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH), USA
 Lovecraft, Amy      [CliC SSG member (new)]
 University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
 Markus, Thorsten (Dec 14)  NASA, USA
 Naish, Timothy  [Grand Challenge Chair]
 Victoria University, New Zealand
 Niwano, Masashi  Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan
 Patterson, Mike  US CLIVAR
 Pope, Allen

 International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)

 Raphael, Marilyn (tbc)  University of California, Los Angeles, USA
 Renwick, James  [CliC Co-Chair]
 Victoria University, New Zealand
 Santos, Jose (Dec 15)   International CLIVAR Project Office, China
 Schaedel, Christina (tbc)  Northern Arizona University, USA
 Schuur, Ted (tbc)  Northern Arizona University, USA
 Seroussi, Helene  NASA JPL, USA
 Sikes, Elisabeth (tbc)  Rutgers University, USA
 Smedsrud, Lars  [CliC SSG Member]
 University of Bergen, Norway
 Sparrow, Mike  [WCRP Officer In Charge]
 World Meteorological Organization
 Straneo, Fiamma  [CliC Co-Chair]
 University of California, San Diego, USA
 Sugiyama, Shin   [CliC SSG member (new)]
 Hokkaido Unviersity, Japan
 Zhang, Tingjun  [CliC SSG member (new)]
 Lanzhou University, China

Participating Remotely

Name                 Affiliation, Country
 Derksen, Chris                   Environment Canada, Canada
 Krinner, Gerhard  CNRS, France
 Marzeion, Ben  University of Bremen, Germany
 Mottram, Ruth  Danish Meteorological Institute, Denmark
 Notz, Dirk  Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany
 Perovich, Don  Dartmouth University, USA

Local Information and Logistics

Map of downtown San Francisco