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The SOOS SSC meeting is open to SOOS SSC members and invited participants only.  For more information, contract Louise Newman.


Name Affiliation, Country
Mike Meredith BAS, UK
Louise Newman SOOS IPO, Australia
Steve Ackley Uni of Texas, San Antonio, USA
Angelika Brandt Uni of Hamburg, Germany
Tosca Ballerini APECS, France
Jiping Liu SUNY, China
Seb Swart Uni of Cape Town, S. Africa
Steve Rintoul CSIRO, Australia
Bronte Tilbrook CSIRO, Australia
Oscar Schofield Rutgers University, USA
Anna Wahlin Uni of Gotenburg, Sweden
Steve Diggs UCSD, USA
Andrew Constable AAD, Australia
Dan Costa UCSD, USA
Alberto Naveira Garabato NOC, UK
Parli Bhaskar NCAOR, India
Ed Urban SCOR, USA
Richard Coleman IMAS, Australia
Kit Kovacs Norwegian Polar institute, Norway