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If you are interested in participating in this workshop, please contact the workshop organizers:

  • Jim Overland <>
  • Edward Hanna <>
  • Trausti Jónsson <>
Name Affiliation/Institution Country
Björnsson, Halldór Icelandic Met Office Iceland
Caballero, Rodrigo Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University Sweden
Cohen, Judah Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc. USA
Cropper, Tom University of Sheffield UK
Erdelyi, Robert University of Sheffield UK
Erlingsson, Björn Icelandic Meteorological Office Iceland
Francis, Jennifer Rutgers University USA
Hall, Richard University of Sheffield UK
Handorf, Doerthe Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar and Marine Research Germany
Hanna, Edward University of Sheffield UK
Intrieri, Janet NOAA/Boulder USA
Jones, Phil Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia UK
Jonsson, Trausti Icelandic Met Office Iceland
Kim, Seong Joong Korea Polar Research Institute Korea
L’Heureux, Michelle National Centers for Environmental Protection USA
Magnusdottir, Gudrun University of California - Irvine USA
Mote, Tom University of Georgia USA
Nawri, Nikolai International Maritime Organization UK
Ólafsson, Haraldur Icelandic Met Office Iceland
Overland, James NOAA/Seattle USA
Petersen, Guðrun Nina Icelandic Met Office Iceland
Petoukhov, Vladimir Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Germany
Pomerance, Rafe   USA
Screen, James University of Exeter UK
Smith, Doug Met Office Hadley Centre UK
Strey, Sara University of Illinois USA
Sveinbjörnsson, Einar Veðurvaktin Iceland
Tachibana, Yoshihiro JAMSTEC/ Mie University Japan
Tanaka, Hiroshi University of Tsukuba Japan
Tang, Qiuhong Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Vavrus, Steve University of Wisconsin USA
Walsh, John International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska USA
Wheeler, Dennis University of Sunderland UK
Woollings, Tim University of Reading UK
Þorsteinsson, Sigurður Icelandic Met Office Iceland