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Denotes participant created a FrostByte of their research. Click on the icon by the participant's name to see their video.

Name Affiliation/Institution Country
Adhikari, Surendra Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology USA
Baeseman, Jenny Climate and Cryosphere Norway
Bentley, Mike Durham University UK
Borstad, Chris Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA
Brown, Joel Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
Christianson, Knut New York University USA
Conway, Howard University of Washington USA
Drews, Reinhard Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Durand, Gaël Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement France
Favier, Lionel Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Fudge, T.J. University of Washington USA
Goldberg, Daniel University of Edinburgh UK
Hattermann, Tore Akvaplan-niva Norway
Hindmarsh, Richard British Antarctic Survey UK
Isaksen, Heidi Climate and Cryosphere Norway
Kawamura, Kenji National Institute of Polar Research Japan
Kingslake, Jonny British Antarctic Survey UK
Kohler, Jack Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
Lemos, Adriano

Brazilian National Institute for Cryospheric Sciences /
     Federal University of Rio Grande

Lenaerts, Jan IMAU, Utrecht University Netherlands
Marsh, Oliver University of Canterbury / Gateway Antarctica New Zealand
Martín, Carlos British Antarctic Survey UK
Matsuoka, Kenny Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
Meloth, Thamban National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research India
Moholdt, Geir Scripps Institution of Oceanography USA
Mulvaney, Robert British Antarctic Survey UK
Muto, Atsu The Pennsylvania State University USA
Nicholls, Keith British Antarctic Survey UK
Pattyn, Frank Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Pavlov, Alexey Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
Philippe, Morgane Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Pritchard, Hamish British Antarctic Survey UK
Randelhoff, Achim Norwegian Polar Institute Norway
Riverman, Kiya Penn State University USA
Ross, Neil Newcastle University UK
Scambos, Ted National Snow and Ice Data Center / University of Colorado USA
Van Liefferinge, Brice Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Whitehouse, Pippa Durham University UK