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2nd International workshop on sea ice concentration
Danish Meteorological Institute
Lyngbyvej 100, Copenhagen Ø
February 18 and 19, 2013

Preliminary agenda

Session 0, Monday February 18, 09:00

Welcome and workshop logistics (Leif Toudal Pedersen, DMI)

Session 1, Monday February 18
User requirements to Climate dataset

1.1 Stein Sandven, NERSC, Introduction to the Sea Ice CCI project

1.2 Walt Meier, NSIDC/NOAA sea ice concentration climate data record

Discussion: Requirements to sea ice concentration and extent climate datasets (Stein+Leif)

Session 2, Monday February 18,
Algorithms and tie-points

1.3 Mohammed Shokr, ECICE: an algorithm to estimate ice types and concentrations

1.4 Lars Kaleschke, SMOS sea ice observations

1.5 Natalia Ivanova, Implementation of 20 algorithms for comparison in the SICCI project

Discussion: Implementation issues, tie-points, weather filters, cut-offs, discontinuities etc (Natalia and Thomas)

    Session 3, Monday February 18,
Validation data

1.6 Leif Toudal Pedersen and Roberto Saldo, A validation dataset for the SICCI project

1.7 Georg Heygster: A thin ice dataset for SICCI

1.7b Georg Heygster: Cross check of SICCI high concentration data with NSIDC gridded TBs

Discussion: How can we establish a free and open comon validation dataset. What should such a dataset consist of and how should it be organized. (Leif)

Session 4, Tuesday February 19, 09:00 CET
Validation & Algorithm Intercomparison

2.1 Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, Comparison of in-situ ice observations and passive microwave imagery / Sea-ice concentration

2.2 Alexander Beitsch, Comparison of SSM/I Sea Ice Concentrations with ASPeCt Ship Observations around Antarctica

2.3 Natalia Ivanova et al, Results of algorithm Intercomparison in the SICCI project

2.4 Rasmus Tonboe, Brightness temperature simulations

2.5 Leif Toudal Pedersen, An integrated retrieval of ice/ocean and atmosphere parameters

2.6 Tom Carrieres, Assimilation of passive microwave data within an automated sea ice
analysis system

Discussion: What is proper ways of doing validation and intercomparison? What do you think about the SICCI method? Are we missing something? (Georg)

Session 5, Tuesday February 19
Uncertainties, resolution and geolocation issues

2.7 Georg Heygster, Checking Geolocation of SICCI RRDP

2.8 Ludovich Brucker, Sea ice concentration retrieval uncertainty from the NASA Team 2 algorithm

2.9 Christian Melsheimer, Remote Sensing of Snow Depth on sea-ice

2.10 Thomas Lavergne, Investigating the observation error covariance matrix of sea ice concentration datasets

2.11 Rasmus Tonboe, Uncertainty estimates in the EUMETSAT sea ice re-processing of satellite microwave radiometer data

Discussion: Should we move away from traditional algorithms towards assimilation type methods? (Rasmus and Thomas)

Discussion: How do we proceed from here, what are the major issues, future collaboration, …

The workshop will finish at 17:00 CET February 19 at the latest.