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Spatio-temporal characteristics of sea ice

Ed Blanchard (ed[@]atmos.washington.edu) and Alex Jahn (ajahn[@]ucar.edu).
The scientific question(s) that will be studied:
-Why do different models show large differences in persistence (with each other and observations)?
-Does persistence affect general sea ice predictability/likelihood of RILES in 21C sims?
The process(es) or feedback(s) that will be investigated
-What is the contribution of dynamics vs thermodynamics processes to ice loss and persistence and how do they compare between models?
-Is it mainly a sea ice component issue, or do atmos/ocean play a large role?
The type of analyses that will be conducted (tools)
-Break down contributions to pan-Arctic persistence from regional seas. Perhaps models agree in regional persistence, but each contribute different to total (or conversely they are also different in regional persistence)?
-What is model persistence/variability of Arctic atmos/ocean, and does it help explain inter-model differences in sea ice persistence
-Break down ice thickness variability into dynamic and thermodynamic driven components
-Are RILES dependent on a particular region (i.e., do they always happen in same region)?